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Growing warehouse distribution development is justified due to demand, says report

[fa icon="calendar'] 6/12/18 2:10 PM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, 3PL, Warehouse Software, WMS

Warehouse and distribution space is expanding rapidly in the U.S. due to strong demand. According to a new report by the CBRE Group, a global investment firm located in Los Angeles, pro forma rents exceeded breakeven rents by 20-40%.

New warehouse development has not been hindered by the spike in construction costs, mostly because the supply of modern logistics facilities is limited. The majority of construction costs is represented by land acquisition; today, land costs range between $45-to-$170 per square foot.

The most expensive part of the country to build a 500,000 square-foot warehouse is Los Angeles, followed by Inland Empire, California; central New Jersey; Portland, Oregon; Pennsylvania’s I-78/81 corridor; Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas/Fort Worth; and Atlanta, Georgia.

The biggest boom right now is in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Inland Empire. However, the greatest rent spread between pro forma rents and breakeven rents is: Chicago at 43%; Atlanta at 38%; Phoenix at 35%; Pennsylvania’s I-78/I-81 corridor at 30%; and Los Angeles at 27%.

David Egan, CBRE’s global head of industrial and logistics research, said that the traditional perception that oversupply will threaten the market is wrong. Instead, he said “there is a very big spread between kind of the bottom line breakeven and the pro forma rents” which “means the market will generally absorb what the developers need.

“The economics are on the side of the developers, and there is a good case to be made for the developers to continue to build. Things are not getting overheated, and if the market does soften a bit, there is a cushion to move the rents a bit and still make money. There is good economic reason for development,” he said.

How have you expanded your warehouse and distribution space over the last few years? If you haven’t, do you have plans in the future? If so, what are factors that have led you to expand? Please let us know in the comments below!

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NextGen Technologies Expected to Dominate Supply Chain in Five Years

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/23/18 9:30 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, Warehouse Software, WMS



The supply chain industry is in the midst of a face-lift, as new modern technology is emerging and rapidly taking over.


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Drones in Agribusiness: Giving Farmers Real-time Data Whenever They Need It

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/9/18 4:24 PM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Mobile Application, Growers Software, Agribusiness


As drone technology becomes more prominent in the shipping and logistics space, it is also quickly gaining traction in the agribusiness industry.


In fact, when leading drone manufacturer DJI launched its first agriculture drone in 2016, the company forecast that the drone agriculture market is worth about $75 million. Research firm Global Market Insights says that by 2024, the market will be valued at $1 billion.


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Amazon’s Business Model is Setting a New Precedent for the Supply Chain

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/13/18 9:00 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, WMS



In recent years, Amazon has really stepped their game up with the way they’re challenging the logistics industry. The company is the fastest to reach $100 billion in sales revenue. Analysts say that by 2027 the company could reach yearly revenue of $1 trillion.


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The Forests and the Trees: IT Vendor Meeting at Weyerhaeuser

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/9/18 11:16 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, Growers Software, Agribusiness


A beautiful day and great views from the 8th floor terrace at the Weyerhaeuser HQ in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA.

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Building a New Warehouse? Here’s How to Streamline it for the Future

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/9/18 11:11 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, Warehouse Software, WMS

From automation to drones, new technology is disrupting the warehouse and cold storage industry. The demand for same-day delivery, and other concerns related to ecommerce, is forcing warehouse operators to transform their distribution and delivery processes. As more operations become digitally outfitted with WMS and other necessary tools, how inventory is stored, tracked, picked, and delivered will change, which requires owners to make the necessary changes at their existing facilities.

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When to get that new WMS system? Only when you know you’re ready

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/26/18 11:43 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, 3PL, Warehouse Software, WMS


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5 Trends That Will Affect the Future of Agribusiness

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/12/18 11:22 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Growers Software, Agribusiness



The agribusiness industry is undergoing important changes which will modify it significantly in years to come.


These changes are coming from all sectors — from emerging technologies to increased urbanization — which means that operators that want a competitive advantage must strive harder to be steps ahead. As agribusiness continues its evolution from serving local to regional to global communities, companies must adopt to the following trends:


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Argos Thanks You for Helping Us Help Others!

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/21/17 9:30 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, 3PL, Giving Season, Charity, Agribusiness

Earlier this year, we sent an email to our customers asking them for feedback on all aspects of our products and the service we provide. Respondents were told that for every completed survey, we would make a donation to a worthy organization of their choice. Once the survey was completed, they were asked to pick one of several charities listed.

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Taking care of Business before Tax Season

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/14/17 9:50 AM / by Argos Software posted in Argos Software, Logistics Software, Growers Software, Tax Saving


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